Thursday, June 21, 2007

See what $125 will get you in Vegas this weekend

Here's an interesting fact, Nevada is home to 50% of the nation's wild horses and burros. I grew up in NY an hour north of Manhattan so, the concept of wild horses and burros is new to me. Our idea of the "wild" was occasional rogue raccoon in the trash on a summer night or worse yet a skunk.

Red Rock Canyon National Park in Vegas is home to wild horses an burros. Yes, wild horses and burros in Vegas. By wild I'm not referring to the horse/donkey "show " that we all have heard about but, have never seem to meet the "guy" actually witnessed it in Tijuana. So when I say wild, I mean wild; like the wild west.

The Red Rock Loop (route 159) is a scenic 2 lane road that has some awesome views and is very popular with people who enjoy riding their bikes through the park. They all claim to always see the "donkeys". Well, I am here to tell you that I have driven through there at least 40 times and I have yet see one. I don't believe they exist.

Even though there are signs along the road that to alert motorists to beware of the "wild burros". Yet, Mojay has never seen one so therefore they don't exist

Well, that may soon change Saturday the BLM is auctioning off wild horses and burros. the bidding starts at a mere $125. That's it for a measly $125 you can own a real wild mustang. This will all take place at the Horseman's Park 5800 East Flamingo Road where I hope to see the wild burros with my own eyes, once and for all.

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