Monday, June 18, 2007

Uncorked in Vegas

While channel surfing last night we came a across a channel with an interesting name that caught our attention MOJOHD. (Yes, it is now programmed as a favorite in the remote)

We watched comedian Billy Merritt's show Uncorked. Uncorked documents Billy's wine experiences. Here's the twist, Billy Merritt is your average Joe who is a self proclaimed beer & football kind of guy. He doesn't know squat about wine.

Last night's episode was filmed here in Las Vegas. Not afraid of the "Master Sommeliers" he fires away some great questions. Billy even doubles as a "wine angel" at Mandalay Bay's Aureole.

You have to check out this show. It's on channel 706 HD on Cox cable Las Vegas. It will be on tonight10:30 pm et and tommorow 1:30 am et . Can't stay up that late, set your DVR's and be ready to be amused.

If you like deadpan humor don't miss Billy Merritt's Uncorked. Info on other episodes and about Billy Merritt can be found on this page:

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