Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sweat in the City

This morning I woke up to hear on the 5am news that my City, Las Vegas ranked #2 on the Old Spice Top 100 Sweatiest Cities Report. Yes, folks Las Vegas is #2 on the nation's sweat-o-meter.

This year marks the 6th Annual report to be published by Old Spice. Yes, Old Spice the crappy after shave that you ran down to Kipps Pharmacy every December to get the Christmas gift pack for good old Dad. When did Old Spice become the sweat experts? I guess since they started making the "Red Zone" line of antiperspirant/deodorant. If the sweat report was written by Right Guard, Mitchum or even Secret it might hold water.

This changes everything. I have this feeling that my conversations with family and friends back east will become awkward at best. Will I still get the easterner's standard "but it's a dry heat" response to the "what's the temperature" question.
For year's I've been getting away with the old "stick your head in the oven" routine when I get hit with the "dry heat" comment.

Will I instead be peppered with sweat questions? How will I respond?

Looks like this girl has got to come up with all new one liners. Maybe, Sweat in the City or Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. OK, OK I'll work on it. Until I do remember "Never let them see you sweat".

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