Thursday, May 3, 2007

Time to make the donuts.....

One more great reason to live in Las Vegas, Dunkin' Donuts will be here in August. They will be opening in 62 stores through out the Vegas valley. They have good reasonable coffee and the donuts are great. Sure to be a hit with all east coast transplants.

For years starting in '82 Dunkin' Donuts had Fred the baker as there front man. He was the face of Duncan Donuts, kind of like the Maytag repairman. Two ad campaigns come to mind when I think of Fred the baker one is time to make the donuts, the other is Fred dressed as a blond woman spying on a competitor with his full mustache asking the question "like Dunkin' Donuts?" Fred of course concealing his mustache with his index finger.

Donuts are not a regular part of my diet but I will be certain to have a chocolate kreme filled donut for old times sake.