Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bonnie Springs, NV

Today is day 2 of our adventures (family in town). Today we went to Bonnie Springs. Everyone always told me how quaint it is and how much my nieces would like it.

The drive through Red Rock Canyon was beautiful as always, the anticipation grew the closer we got to Bonnie Springs. We were going to see real cowboys and ghost town. Well we arrived there paid our $20 (carload).

We made our way through the ghost town and souvenir shops only to emerge with a cowgirl hat, vest and the ever trendy black and white cow print visor. We decided to skip the show and go to the petting zoo instead.

We were greeted by a peacock which instantly sent my sister in law into a panic. She told her daughters not go near the bird because it would "peck your eyes out." It was all downhill after that, we were all to afraid to touch anything for fear of Ecoli or God knows whatever else. Fortunately, I have been carrying anti-bacterial hand spray which we all used over and over.

We got home and showered, laughed about another botched Aunt Mojay outing. It seems this excursion is right up there with the infamous Oatman, Arizona outing.

Stay tuned for more family adventures in Sin City.

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