Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wild Hogs Las Vegas Style

For years people have complained about the smell of the "Pig Farm". People including Steve Wynn have tried to oust the Pig Farm. Builders have built brand new homes up to and almost touching the pig farm, hoping to put the squeeze on the farm and force the farm out. These people fail to realize they(R.C. Farms) have been there for 40+ years .

Well today the shoe was on the other foot. Today the people of Las Vegas needed the pig farm's expertise. You see this morning there was an accident on the 215& 15 freeways, a semi truck overturned with.....a truck load of ..........pigs!

There were 160 pigs in the semi, about 10 of the pigs got out and were running a muck on the the freeway. The NHP had to call the folks at R.C. Farms to come & help them out.

Moral of the story, be nice to your local pig farmer.... you never know when you'll need his help!


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Kala said...

that is such a kewl story! I think its wonderful that despite the pressure, the long time resident pig farmer did not get forced out!

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