Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Juice is loose

Helicopters filled the Vegas Valley sky tracking the fallen ex-football star's release from jail and trip to the Palms and finally his Maccarran Airport departure.

The circus has left town for at least a couple of weeks. OJ's family has posted bail and he is back in Florida. Hopefully, most of the media will clear out until mid October when he is due back for the next proceeding.

His attorney Yale Galanter(flown in from Florida) is not licensed in Nevada, apparently he has to obtain some sort of special privileges. It will take him at least 5 days to secure them. He does have local attorney Gabriel Grazzo as well.I wonder if the Juice thinks Nevadans are a bunch of goobers, that's why he brought in his own hired gun.

It also makes me wonder how that will play out in the courtroom. Good luck picking a jury. You'd have to have your head up your ass to not know anything about this case.
I wonder if they will try to move the case to another venue. How about Petticoat Junction? Ooops, I mean Searchlight. The courthouse/police station is in a trailer/Quonset hut. I wish I could find picture of it.That would be an excellent place for his trial.

I was watching at video of his court appearance this morning, at the very end of the video the clerk sitting on the judge's left snapped a picture of OJ with his cell phone. That should be a great story for his grandchildren, "look kids here's a picture of a man who getting with murder wasn't enough for him. He now resorts to kidnapping and burglary (allegedly) for fun." Maybe he'll put it on his mantle. Maybe it too will be considered memorabilia.

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