Sunday, September 16, 2007

I see the OJ he be lookin' might scared....

Who can forget the those famous words, especially if you're a Howard Stern fan.

Football Star/Sociopath OJ Simpson was arrested tonight in Las Vegas and is being held without bail.

Hey OJ haven't you heard "What happens to in Vegas stays in Vegas", looks like you're staying in Vegas. Instead of staying at the Palms tonight looks like he will be staying in one of the Clark County Detention Center's finest isolation suites.

Charged with 5 felonies that range from 1-30 years a piece, it looks like the Juice maybe staying in Vegas for a while.

Apparently getting away with murder wasn't enough for this guy, robbing sports memorabilia dealers is his new thing. This guy has got to be the biggest moron on the planet.

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Briean Kinsey said...

Ugh agreed. Tenfold. Have you heard the audio they recorded at the crime scene? Check it out on

really special...