Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nature Discovery Park's Farmers Market

This explains how I missed the Farmers Market.This was one of perhaps 3 signs advertising the market.

The Market was held at the Aliante Nature Discovery Park which is off Aliante Parkway and the 215 beltway. (This is a busy area a couple of banner signs would be appropriate.)
We arrived at 6:00 filled with hope to purchase farm fresh produce that we would create some culinary masterpiece with and instead found disappointment in a extremely small selection of produce. I purchased a tomato, a head of garlic, a red onion and 2 yellow onions. That was entire selection of produce.
A few other vendors offered barbecue, hot dogs and fruit smoothies. They even had a booth with a couple of women selling their candle creations. These things were all nice but not what we came for.
I spoke with the owner and she assured me that there would be more next week as 2 other farmers would be joining her with their produce next week.
I will give it another shot next week and see if it improves.

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